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Solar Powered Outdoor Wall Light

Solar Powered Outdoor Wall Light

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This solar wall light offers contemporary design and flawless, cable-free performance. Its top-facing solar panel and power-saving mode ensure lasting power. It's easy to install with zero running costs, and automatically turns on at dusk. Check out our motion sensor solar light that activates with movement after dark.


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  • 40 Lumens
  • Stainless Steel Design
  • Works in Winter
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Common Questions Regarding Our Solar Lights

A close-up of a modern outdoor wall light, emitting a warm glow, attached to a dark wooden fence. The background features a blurred view of a white fence and some greenery. The light fixture has a sleek, cylindrical design, casting light downward and creating a cozy ambiance in the evening setting.

Do I need to connect this light to the mains?

No. These outdoor lights are solar powered. Please ensure your light is in a sunny positions (preferably south-facing) for maximum efficiency.

How heavy are the lights?

Each light, fully-assembled weighs 500g (0.5kg).

How bright are these solar lights?

40 lumens

What colour do these solar lights output?

These solar lights output a warm white light, 40 lumens bright.

Is there a power-saving winter mode?

Yes. Unscrew the light cap and flip the switch to P which will enable the power-saving mode. Power-saving mode allows for maximum efficiency during the winter months when there's less sunlight.