About Us

Welcome to The Bespoke Sign House. We're a small sign-making business nestled in the High Weald AONB in the Kent countryside, handcrafting personalised slate and granite signage for homes and businesses. Our made-to-order signs can be found all over the world!

summer flowers and plants at our workshop

During the first lockdown in 2020, friends Jack and Kris set about renovating an old cowshed on Jack's family farm.

With Kris' enthusiasm to run his own business, alongside Jack's knowledge of sign-writing, it was a recipe for success!

After many weeks planning over Zoom, and Jack getting permission to take over the shed, it was time to start making it a reality.

Removing all the brambles, sweeping up the dust-blanketed cobwebs, and clearing out the decades-worth of farm equipment that had built up inside, the job was much bigger than anticipated. But our new workshop started to come to fruition.

Check out how our workshop used to look compared to now. The before photo wasn't even the very start of our renovation, it was taken after we'd removed all the brambles that were blocking the door and climbing the roof...

bespoke welsh slate house sign with logo

What Can We Do?

Just about anything. We're equipped to do one-off custom sized signs to large-scale housing developments, as well as:

  • custom designs
  • different languages and characters
  • custom engraving colours
  • memorial plaques
  • business logos

Send us an email with your ideas and we'll see what we can do.

What Sets Us Apart?

Six reasons why customers choose us above the rest:

  • An icon and text stating "Handmade to Order." The icon features a white thumbs-up symbol with rays around it on a blue background, indicating high quality and custom-made craftsmanship.

    Handmade to Order

    We create every sign from scratch, from cutting down tiles to bespoke sizes to hand-engraving the individual letters into the stone.

  • Biodegradable Packaging and Free Delivery

    The packaging we securely wrap our orders up in is 100% paper, which is recyclable and biodegradable.

  • Free Delivery to UK, USA, Ireland and France

    Applicable on all orders. We ship our signs using trackable Royal Mail services.

  • An icon and text stating "Durable & Weatherproof." The icon features a white cloud with raindrops on a red background, indicating weather resistance.

    Long-Lasting and Fully Weatherproof

    Our signs are easy-to-maintain and will last for many years to come. We seal and lacquer our plaques to ensure longevity.

  • Know Exactly What You're Getting

    When you start personalising a sign on our website, you'll see a live preview of what your sign will look like in real-life.

  • An icon and text stating "Funding Initiatives." The icon features white leaves on a purple background, indicating support for projects, likely related to nature or environmental efforts.

    We Support Rewilding Projects

    By contributing to Mossy Earth, an initiative we've followed that focuses on restoring ecosystems, wildlife and biodiversity.

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black slate sign next to black house front door

Read Our Blog

If you want to learn a thing or two about our signs, like the different types of slate we offer or look for inspiration for your homes seasonal look, then you should check out our blog to find out more. Alternatively, you can read some of our FAQs or reach out to our team.

A collage of customer house signs pictures.

Check Out Our Work

Take a look at our sign gallery page to see our latest work and customer-submitted photos, or check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for more updates and pictures. Join our loyal customer base and experience the quality and service that sets The Bespoke Sign House apart.