stunning slate house sign with house number and road name engraved and painted white. Sign is against red foliage

House Sign Care & Extras

Experience hassle-free upkeep with our slate and granite house signs – requiring only minimal maintenance. However, if your desire is to preserve that "good as new" look for years to come, explore our lineup of sign care extras.

grey slate wall sign with a line border and the house name engraved in white

What is Slate Oil?

Slate oil serves as a premium protective sealant tailored for natural stone. This exceptional solution not only shields slate and granite from the harsh impact of sun and weather, but also works in tandem to elevate the inherent beauty of the stone's natural hues and patterns, achieving a captivating enhancement through the subtle darkening of its grey surface.

Still in need of a slate sign, or looking to get another?

Look no further than our best seller collection. Design your house sign to perfectly fit your address and match your homes style.

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At The Bespoke Sign House, our commitment to quality is unwavering. Our slate and granite house signs not only stand the test of time, enduring for years to come, but they also require minimal maintenance, exemplifying our dedication to lasting excellence.