Unusual House Signs and Quirky House Numbers

Usually, a traditional house sign is an ideal solution, helping people easily identify a property as well as giving a stylish and classy appearance. But sometimes you need something slightly out of the ordinary to make your property stand out, particularly when your home is hard to find or perhaps you just want to make a statement and need something a little more eye-catching.

We’re taking a look at some options for homeowners who are looking for some house sign ideas, as we look through some of the more unusual and quirky signs out there that you can get for your home.

Unique House Numbers

House number plaques can be pretty standard in appearance, but whether it's for a flat, apartment or house, there’s no reason why you can’t make your door number sign stand out from the rest. A great example of this is the beautiful floral door numbers which are made from slate stone. Both eye-catching and unique, they are ideal for anyone looking for a door number with a stylish floral twist. Or these unusual and quirky vintage house number signs which are engraved onto a honed slate stone. With a stylish appearance and an optional line of text underneath the number, this customer said it gave them 'Harry Potter vibes and we're big fans' which we love!

  • square slate sign with floral edge border design

Unusually Coloured House Signs

Choosing the right colours is always a big deal when it comes to your home’s front entrance, particularly if you’re colour-coordinating the sign with the front of your home or business. From bold white, glittering gold or even reds and oranges, The Bespoke Sign House offers a wide range of colours and tones to ensure you can find the right fit for your perfect sign. Here's a house sign with an orange paint infill and a what3words location plaque in red:



Along with these more unusual sign colours, copper, gold and silver paint infills are particularly popular. You can see how they look on the diagram below showing real examples of each. All of these colours are available for selection through any of our online sign designer tools

Bespoke House Signs

Sometimes you just need a sign that’s a little more bespoke than anything else out there. Maybe the sign you’re after can’t be made on one of our slate sign designer tools and you need something unique and personalised - that’s fine! We often receive custom designs or logo requests which customers want to be incorporated into a house sign, not only to make their house sign even more personal but to make it even more eye-catching. If you’re after a bespoke house sign, reach out to us through our contact page.

  • Bespoke customer slate sign

    Business Logo Signs

    Not all signs need to be painted, like this one showcasing the slates natural inner grey.

  • natural slate house plaque with custom evil eye design in blue

    Turkish Eye Custom Design

    We can handmake signs in any language and in any colour(s) of your choice.

  • Extra large slate house sign for Devils Lake Cabin

    Large Gold Retreat Signage

    No matter how large, we securely package and ship our signs anywhere in the world. This sign went to Michigan!

  • Bespoke horse shoe house sign

    No matter how unusual, we'll make it

    Send us your design files and we'll send over preview pictures of how your house name plate will look in real life!

Put your quirky sign on wooden posts

Ideal for properties set back a bit from the road or with a long driveway, getting a house sign on wooden posts is an ideal solution to ensure your property can be found from the road. With wooden posts varying in height and completely customisable sign options (including the number of signs on a set of posts), wooden posted signs can be a great way to help friends, family and delivery workers find your home.

We’ve seen plenty of unusual house sign requests come into our workshop and we hope that's given you some ideas for your own. Whether it’s for quirky houses or just quirky owners, we enjoy making something a bit different for our customers.

Are you looking for a bespoke or unusual house sign? Whether you’ve got something in mind already or want to see what’s within the realms of possibility, feel free to get in touch with us or explore some of our customer gallery for inspiration. When you’re ready, you can create a house sign online through our ready-made templates, or reach out to our team at hello@thebespokesignhouse.com if you’re after something a little bit more bespoke.