The Front Door is Open to Sustainable House Signs

With the curtain coming down on the intense discussions at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in November, referred to as COP26, it’s clear that there is a huge amount of work which needs to go into making businesses of all sizes more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

House signs and sustainability are two terms that aren't put in the same sentence very often, but at The Bespoke Sign House, we believe that we can reduce our emissions, non-recyclable waste, and environmental footprint to take responsibility and ensure we are as sustainable as possible when it comes to making top quality bespoke house signs.

Slate offcuts are repurposed to fill potholes

What does sustainability mean?

In essence, a sustainable business is an enterprise that has minimal impact on the environment. Some examples of sustainable business practices include:

• Using eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging.

• Using sustainably sourced materials

• Increasing the efficiency of manufacturing operations to reduce wasted energy.

It’s important to recognise that sustainability isn’t quite as black and white as many would like to believe. It’s not an overnight process of making every aspect of a business fully green and eco-friendly, but instead is a journey of assessing, revising, and improving to better green standards. 

In our industry of house sign makers, sustainable practices aren’t something that’s talked about anywhere near enough. Because of this, we’re striving to drive forward and lead by example to have a positive impact on the environment. 

Cardboard and paper tape eco packaging

What steps has The Bespoke Sign House taken toward sustainability?

The Bespoke Sign House has already taken decisive steps to minimise waste and ensure our business is as sustainable as we can viably make it. Slate is now the main material used for our signs, with no chemical emissions needed for extraction, while being durable, natural, and easily recyclable, it’s clear to see why it’s an ideal foundation for The Bespoke Sign House to build upon. To further strengthen our sustainability push, we’ve already taken further steps which go beyond the materials we use. These include:

• Repurposing our waste slate offcuts for refilling potholes… and trust us, in our little paradise of Kentish countryside there are plenty of potholes!

• Ditched plastic parcel tape and plastic bubble wrap for paper parcel tape, fully biodegradable bubble wrap, and cardboard. 

• Reducing the miles our slate travels by only working with local slate suppliers based in Sussex.

• Working with our supply chain to remove single-use plastics when working with us.

• And as we touched on, we’ve stopped producing all acrylic address plaques in favour of using much more environmentally friendly slate house signs.

• Replaced plastic wall plugs with 70% timber wall plugs in all our sign orders.

What else do we aim to achieve within the next year?

• Phase out the plastic wall plugs we supply with all our orders in favour of wooden, eco-friendly plugs.

• Reducing our reliance on plastic in the sign-making process, finding better, more eco alternatives such as paper application tapes, using less sticky tape and plastic-free blast vinyl. 

Although we’re proud of the steps we’ve taken toward creating sustainable house signs, we’ve still got plenty to do. From removing single-use plastics from our processes to ensuring all packaging and consumable items in our manufacturing process are eco-friendly. That way we can be sure that your custom slate house sign will last decades, but the packaging used to deliver it to you won’t be.

If you’re looking for a stunning slate sign for your home, business or garden shed, you can use one of our many slate house sign templates to design your perfect sign.