How to Design a House Sign Online

Are you looking to make a house sign online? You're in the right place. Not only are our signs easy to make online, but they're easy to install when they arrive at your door. Follow the step by step guide below to create yours.


Choose Your Signs Design/Layout

Our website offers more than 40 different layout options, including signs with just numbers and those with both numbers and house names. We'll provide a link to explore all these options at the end of this guide.


Choose a Material & Engraving Style

Typically, as the initial step, you can opt for either an engraved slate sign or an engraved granite sign. You can see the visual difference when you click the options via the live preview photo.


Enter What You Want Your Sign to Read

This step can involve either one or two text boxes. Just enter your number/text to view a live preview of your sign's appearance.


Choose a Lettering Style

Customize your sign's lettering to complement your home's character. Just click through each option to see a live preview of the text's appearance.


Choose an Engraving Colour

In this step, you can select the paint color for your lettering's engraved infill. All choices are painted and completely weatherproof.


Choose Your Signs Size

All size options are listed in millimetres. If you need a custom size, please contact us with your desired dimensions.


Choose a Fixing Style for Your Sign

Typically the final step in our sign design process, this allows you to choose your sign's installation style. See below for the various options we offer.

  • two black threaded screws and two yellow wall plugs on a grey background

    Screws and Wall Plugs

    Free as standard on all signs (unless another fixing style chosen). Allows sign to be moved to different locations.

  • two threaded steel grey rods and one small super glue tubes on a grey background

    Hidden Fixings with Glue

    A permanent, secure fixing method with a screw-less appearance. Additional £10 cost.

  • 2 steel stand offs, 2 silver screws and 2 yellow wall plugs on a light grey background

    Stainless Steel Stand Offs

    A premium mounting option with a stylish appearance. Comes with screws and Wall Plugs. Additional £10 cost.

  • 3m sticky pads on a grey background

    3M Sticky Pads

    Useful if you don't want to drill into your wall. Come pre-applied to the rear of your sign. Additional £6 cost.

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