Will House Signs Soon Be Delivered By Drone?

The postal service has a lot to get right when it comes to delivering the UK's parcels. With over 29 million homes in the UK and an estimated 4.2 billion parcels being sent per year, it’s a mammoth task that is in operation 24 hours a day.

But not all deliveries are the same...

...as it’s not just the usual high streets or cul-de-sacs where the postal service has to reach. From the vast and rugged Scottish Highlands to the remote island of Lundy which sits 12 miles off the coast of Devon, it can take strenuous effort.

At our bespoke sign workshop in Kent, we have had orders made and dispatched to some of the most remote corners of the UK, and perhaps as expected they can take a bit longer to arrive at these locations, as all post does - but they safely get there in the end. With the advances in technology, however, things are moving in the right direction. Royal Mail, the UK's largest postal company, is embracing technology to deliver more parcels, and hopefully more of our house signs, by drone. 

Although these aren’t drones as we commonly think of them, with a small remote control and a mounted camera too, they’re much more complex than that. They are specially designed super drones, referred to as Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles or more commonly UAVs, made exclusively to safely carry posts and parcels from one location to another.

It’s a complicated solution and will require plenty of technical know-how. But over the last 12 months, Royal Mail has announced that they have been trailing the use of drone technology throughout some of the most isolated places in the UK, including the Isle of Mull, the Isle of Scilly, and North Ronaldsay. 

Although the technology is still in the testing stages, the results have been widely encouraging, particularly when it comes to improving the effectiveness of delivery in challenging conditions where planes are not suitable, such as fog. As well as potentially providing a more sustainable delivery solution, with lower emissions through using drones as opposed to a traditional boat or aircraft delivery.

Sustainability is a big part of our focus at The Bespoke Sign House, as we make a targeted effort to reduce our own waste and minimise our carbon footprint. This is why we look to use Royal Mail and their associated partners as they have the lowest reported CO2e emissions per parcel amongst UK delivery companies. Even after it's left our workshop, we can rest easy knowing that your sign is taking a sustainable route to your door. It’s all part of our sustainability promise as we continue on our journey to produce sustainable slate signs.

Do you sometimes get parcels misplaced at a neighbour's address? Or maybe sometimes they don’t arrive at all? Help your delivery drivers find your home with a clear and stylish house sign or house number. Handmade to order and with free delivery across the UK, who knows, it might even be delivered to your address by a drone.

Maybe your new house sign could be delivered by drone?

That we cannot promise, though. But in the future, having a beautiful, clear slate house sign will help the drones out to find where to deliver!