Our House Sign Fixing Options

We offer seven different sign-fixing options for you to choose from when ordering a house sign. Whether you require sturdy wooden posts for anchoring your house sign by the entrance of your driveway, or adhesive pads to affix it to your door, we present a whole host of solutions to accommodate your style and requirements.


two threaded steel grey rods and one small super glue tubes on a grey background


Hidden Fixings

This mounting method provides both a discrete and secure fitting for your sign, as the fixings cannot be easily seen or unscrewed from the wall. The sign is fitted onto the wall using threaded rods, which are glued into the rear of the sign and then into the wall.

You'll Receive:

• 2 steel threaded rods

• 1 tube of superglue

two black threaded screws and two yellow wall plugs on a grey background


Screws and Wall Plugs

This fixing method is our standard free option. It's the most traditional way of hanging a sign! We'll pre-drill holes into your sign.

You'll Receive:

• 2 black roundhead screws

• 2 timber wall plugs

2 steel stand offs, 2 silver screws and 2 yellow wall plugs on a light grey background


Stainless Steel Stand-Offs

The Stainless Steel Stand-Off fixing method will hold your sign 10mm away from the wall, perfect if your wall is uneven or you want a modern 'floating' appearance for your sign.

You'll Receive:

• 2 steel stand-offs

• 2 silver screws

• 2 timber wall plugs

3m sticky pads on a grey background


3M Sticky Pads

3M sticky pads allow for signs to be fixed onto smooth walls and surfaces such as uPVC doors, wooden doors/frames/walls, windows, concrete and plasterboard.

You'll Receive:

• Pre-applied sticky pads on the back of your sign. Simply peel the protective paper on the pads to adhere.

wooden posts and black screws in a grey background


Wooden (Pine) Poles and Screws

The 'Wooden (Pine) Poles and Screws' fixing allows for signs to be mounted into garden lawns, concrete bases and driveways.

You'll Receive:

2 wooden posts (pine) with pointed ends

• 2 black screws

no holes or fixings


No Holes or Fixings

Don't want any fixings or holes with your sign order? No worries! Simply choose the 'No Holes or Fixings' when personalising your house sign. This is the perfect option if you wanted to have your sign free-standing or fit into a wall recess.

Now Order Your House Sign!

Having explored the various fixing styles available for our house signs and identified the perfect match for your desired location, you're now ready to take the next step: personalising and ordering your very own plaque. Below, discover our top-selling sign designs: