Creating House Signs for Famous and Fictional Places

We’ve made and sent house signs all over the world, to 33 countries to be exact. But today we’re creating personalised house signs, albeit virtually, for both famous and fictional places.

The concept of Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI, dates back to the early 1950’s when Alan Turing, an English mathematician published ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’. 

But only since 2022 is when the emergence of AI has really come into the public domain. So much so that now, we have the tools at our fingertips to enter words into a computer and they can be transformed into imagery. 

So for today, we are downing our tools of traditional techniques and craftsmanship to make our engraved house signs, and turning to the latest technology to create AI signs, if that’s even a thing. 

So without further adieu, let’s get this creative exploration of seeing AI in action when it comes to designing house signs.

an ai generated image of a classy grey slate sign at the entrance of buckingham palace

Buckingham Palace

First up, we’re at Buckingham Palace in London. This is the most expensive house in the world, and home of the UK monarchy. 

We’re used to making custom house signs at The Bespoke Sign House, but this really would take things to a whole new level. If there is such a thing as adding ‘bling’ to a house sign, this is it. The AI generated this slate sign inclusive of jewels and diamonds, which is installed on a post outside of the palace.

an ai generated sign on a house sign installed at the entrance of bilbo baggins' house

Hobbit House Sign

Situated in the sleepy shire of Bag End, this is a Lord of the Rings inspired hobbit house sign, the likes that would sit outside the home of Bilbo Baggin’s Hobbit Hole. 

Here, the AI did well in displaying the green fields and hobbit style text as inspired from the books. It is installed on two wooden posts, similar to our own wooden posted house signs. This sign certainly ticks the boxes of our work, being a unique house sign while keeping traditional techniques in mind. Good job AI.

an ai generated image of number 10 downing street with a slate number sign screwed onto a black door

10 Downing Street

The famous home of UK prime ministers since 1735, situated in Westminster, London. 

The famous black front door already has an iconic number 10 on it, but with the help of AI, it has now been replaced with one of our slate number signs. The house cat and ‘Chief Mouser’, Larry the cat seems to approve.

an ai generated slate sign at the entrance of hogwarts castle


Hogwarts is the UK home of witchcraft and wizardry based in Scotland, famed for notable students such as Albus Dumbledore, Tom Riddle and most famously, Harry Potter. 

This is how AI designed the slate sign for Hogwarts, keeping its mystical and magical look in the design, while you can see what would be the turrets of Hogwarts in the distance. We told AI that the sign would be placed in front of the ‘big magical castle’ and it took that very literally, including those words on the sign.

The White House

The famous building which has been home of the US Presidents since 1800. 

The AI gave the slate house sign a bold appearance, positioned in the ground and standing several feet high. It is situated directly outside The White House, which can be seen behind the fountain and hedges in the distance.

This one is certainly in the realms of reality, as we ship our house address plaques all around the world, regularly to the United States.

As our virtual journey of house signs for fictional and famous places comes to a close, it’s clear that the possibilities in house sign designs are limitless.

If you’re looking for your own real house sign, for your own non-fictional home, view the extensive range of house signs from The Bespoke Sign House. It won’t be created by AI, but real humans who work out of our workshop in the delightful Kent countryside.

If you like a bit of technology integration in the creation of your house sign, head over to one of our house sign creator tools on our website, where you can see a generation of how your house sign will look before you complete your order. What’s more, all our signs come with free fixings and are sent with free tracked shipping.

If you have a vision of a sign you want, speak to our sign-making team who can see how we can make it come to life.